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Worm Egg Microscopy

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Identify and count worm eggs in the droppings of cattle, mammals and birds

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Worm Egg Kits

For larger animals (sheep, cattle, alpacas etc) it is important to calculate the number of worm eggs per gram of droppings FEC (faecal egg count) as most will show some level of worm presence and the exact load will decide what treatment is necessary. This is particularly important with sheep as many flocks now have increasing resistance to the traditional drenches used.

For smaller animals and birds (hedgehogs, racing pigeons etc) the presence of worm at any level requires intervention so the exact number is not as important but can still be calculated.

We offer two kits:

  1. The mini Flotac system which is ideal for multiple tests on larger animals
  2. The Mcmaster system that can be used both for counting eggs or simple identification. This is perhaps better choice for small animals and racing pigeons

However, either system can be used for both purposes and much will depend on personal choice. The images below, for each kit, will give an idea of the processes used. Irrespective of the kit chosen full instructions are provided with photographs of what you are looking for. Both systems really are simple to use - you do need a microscope as well of course. Both methods use the same basic principle of thoroughly mashing droppings in a solution and loading some of the filtered fluid into a counting chamber. If a count is not required straight onto a microscope slide.

Mini Flotac Kit

Everything needed is supplied:

Mcmaster Kit

Everything needed is supplied:

Mini Flotac Kit    Price:  £43.33 + vat

Mcmaster Kit      Price:  £43.33 + vat

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